snakelink work

The Internet is developing at an incredible speed. If one imagines that Google has existed for only 20 years (as of 2018) and has today overtaken many established companies in the old economy, one can imagine the consequences. 10 years later, the mobile operating system "Android" was launched, which is already in use today on almost 90% of all smartphones. The influence of Google is growing and growing and we can help you to participate in this market. We help you to reach the Top 10 in Google through professional and contemporary SEO activities. In addition, we are happy to program your Android app so that you can be fully active in the mobile market as well.

Also Facebook, which was founded in 2004, are the top dog in the ever-growing social networks. The communication from the telephone to the social networks takes place at such a fast pace that the development is running much faster than the possible education for it. The people are chating, googling, tweeting, youtubing, instagramming at an indescribable pace. These people are your potential customers and we are happy to help you become one of the big players in the social media. Of course, we also like to program the required interfaces in this area.

In the "Content Management System" area, we rely on Joomla, one of the first and most comprehensive CMS systems on the market. From the very beginning we have been monitoring and supporting the development of Joomla and have already programmed numerous apps and plugins for this system. In conjunction with Virtuemart you can also operate smaller shops with Joomla. We are happy to support you in your projects.

If you need a larger shop with a connection to your company database, we recommend Magento. The famous and also free of charge available shop system surely meets all your needs. Also for Magento, we can program apps and interfaces to keep your daily business running smoothly.